Smart Credit Building is designed to educate consumers about credit truths rather than rumors. Experts from all walks of the credit cycle come together to inform the masses on building and managing credit the right way.

In order to build credit, you should first know how your credit scores are calculated. The chart to the right is helpful.

Once you understand how your scores are calculated you can dive in a little deeper. Be sure to check out the Smart Credit Building blog for additional information.

Payment History
Balances and Usage
Length of Credit History
Account Type
New Inquiries

Where to start with your credit

You ended up here because you want to take control of your credit. One of the hardest things about doing so is knowing where to start. With tons of commercials out there telling you how to get your credit score, and the touting of it’s difficult to decipher what source will give you the best information. It seems everyone has an agenda. Some of the sites give you a score, but no detail. Some give you a report, maybe two, maybe all three but they don’t show your scores.

We have scoured the net, used our resources and found the best option for you as a consumer. Visit our credit monitoring page to read more and get started.

What credit lines should I have open

To build credit you must have credit. Unfortunately it is difficult to get if you don’t have it, or have some bumps and bruises. After checking your scores and knowing where you are starting from, it is important to open a credit line. You don’t need a lot. In fact you want to keep your applications to a minimum and then use your lines responsibly. A secured credit card may be the best starting point.

Some great credit card options are available through our partners on the Credit Card page. If you are a veteran, or eligible for USAA services you may want to look at the USAA secured card.

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