Credit Monitoring Tools

When it comes to monitoring your credit there are many options, many of which leave you less than impressed with their accuracy in comparison to a lender’s credit report. After signing up for more credit monitoring services than we care to count we have narrowed it down to a few options that most accurately depict your credit scores, and give …

Michael ClarkCredit Monitoring Tools

Is All Credit Repair Created Equal?

If you’re here reading about building positive credit, chances are you have some negative credit as well. Through searching for information you have surely come across ads for different Credit Service Agencies that make various claims of helping you remove negative and inaccurate items. For a fee of course. You may have even talked to one or more of them, …

Michael ClarkIs All Credit Repair Created Equal?
build good credit after bankruptcy

How Do I Build Good Credit After a Bankruptcy?

Pardon me for a second while I write a nasty word… Bankruptcy. Now that the fowl language is out of the way, what can be done to recover. I don’t just mean our relationship from my bad language, I’m talking about your credit. Some consider it the end of your credit, but it doesn’t have to be. Apart from improving one’s …

Michael ClarkHow Do I Build Good Credit After a Bankruptcy?

Will Authorized User Access on a Credit Card Build My Credit Score?

As you may have noticed, most answers when it comes to building credit are multi-part answers and in a lot of cases based on what your goals are. You can research all day long and find varying answers to this question. In an attempt to give you the most accurate and up to date information let’s start with defining authorized …

Michael ClarkWill Authorized User Access on a Credit Card Build My Credit Score?

What Types of Credit Should I Use?

When building your credit wisely it is important to know what types of credit are available and how they can benefit you. Each account type can have a different weight on how it factors into your credit score. 1. Mortgage Accounts. A mortgage account is an installment loan with a fixed payment (typically). The length of the repayment term is …

Michael ClarkWhat Types of Credit Should I Use?
Credit card for Building Credit

How You Should Really Use Your Credit Cards

There is a common misconception about carrying a balance on your credit cards. Some people think you have to in order to show you can make payments, however that is not the case. The only thing carrying a balance does is accumulate interest and cost you money. It is always advised to pay your credit cards off each month, but …

Michael ClarkHow You Should Really Use Your Credit Cards
Passively building good credit

Passively Building Good Credit

Some people when asked about their positive credit lines will say, “I pay all of my bills on time. I’ve never been late on my electric, cell phone, cable, etc.” What most people do not realize is those bills do not report to your credit in most cases unless they are in collections. The number one key to having good …

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