Credit Monitoring

One of the first steps to building your credit wisely is to have a baseline or starting point. Different types of loans and credit accounts have different requirements. If your goal is to purchase a home, a car or apply for a simple credit card you should be looking for your scores to be over 620. Maybe your goal is to get a credit card from a large bank with long term stability and a reward program. In those cases you will want to target a credit score closer to 680.

In addition to planning major purchases, credit monitoring and Identity Theft Insurance are more important now than ever. With major security risks on high profile sites like, you should keep an eye on your credit and make sure the information is yours and accurate.

Whatever your goals may be you will want to know what is on your report, and where you stand. FreeScoreFinder is a great place to see that information. By signing in and reviewing your report you will see a summary of your credit profile, your scores, and any outstanding items that may need to be addressed to maximize your credit scores.

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